The Ellibs e-book service has e-books in Finnish and English (among other languages). How to use

Naxos Spoken Word
You can listen to audiobooks in English, German, French and Portuguese in the Naxos Spoken Word Library service. How to use

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Popular Finnish magazines in the ePress service. How to use

More than 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries and in more than 60 languages. How to use

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Keskisuomalainen, Helsingin Sanomat and other Finnish local and regional newspapers can be read immediately out of press in the ePress service. How to use
N.B.! Newspapers can be accessed only within libraries.

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Naxos Music Library
This service specialises in classical music, but it contains ethnic and popular music as well. How to use

Rockway music school
Learn how to sing and play instruments (currently only in Finnish). How to use

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Free materials available online

Did you know that there is a lot more of material available online free of charge in addition to the material provided by your library? We have gathered here links that lead you to freely readable e-books and other materials. The sources contain mainly classical works and older literature. Please note that the link collection of this screen is different depending on the language you are using in the online library. These books are not part of the Keski Library collections, which means that you do not need a library card.

Project Gutenberg
A treasure trove for friends of classics.

Projekti Lönnrot
Finland's native works written in Finnish and Swedish, along with works translated into Finnish.

The National Library of Finland's Digital Collections
Classics written in Finnish and Swedish in digital format, in addition to research information based on them.'s Digi
Digitised materials of public libraries, such as works in local or special collections.

A database based on translated poetry, upheld by the Lahti City Library. It contains references to Finnish translations of world lyrics and poetry from classical antiquity to modern times.

Finland's native literature written in Finnish from 1880s to 1930s.

Bright gems from the collections of the National Library of Finland: books, leaflets, maps, sheet music, images and manuscripts.

The National Library of Finland's Digi
Newspapers, classic books, sheet music, parchment collection and lots more. You can, for example, find all volumes of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper until the 1920s.

Makupalat Link Library
A versatile link catalog with several websites gathered to your use. Provided to you by the public libraries of Finland.
Finnish scholarly journals online.

The free digital service of the Goethe Institute. The collection contains German books, audiobooks, magazines and movies. To use this service you require a username that you obtain by registering into the service.

The Living Memory (Elävä muisti) and Elonet
The Living Memory is an audiovisual time travelling journey through Finland's history, provided to you by KAVI, the National Audiovisual Institute of Finland. Elonet is a Finnish movie database that contains more than 200 watchable Finnish movies!