What is Keski?

Introducing the Keski Libraries

Keski Libraries is a co-operation network between 23 municipalities in Central Finland. Thus, the Keski Libraries include all public libraries in the Central Finland region. There are more than 50 branch libraries in the area and several library mobiles. Keski Libraries share a common database that can be used to search for material and place reservations. A regular transportation network functions between the Keski Libraries. The co-operation provides for:

  • shared library card
  • shared library collection: more than 2 million borrowable items
  • shared online library
  • shared library rules
  • free-of-charge material transportation
  • shared e-materials

Practically this means that you can use all Keski Libraries with the same library card. If the material you desire is in another Keski Library's collection, you can order it to be delivered to your own local library free of charge.

You can return all the material you have borrowed to any Keski Library. As a Keski Library customer, you have the whole region's collection available.

Keski Libraries' rules and regulations

When you receive your library card, you commit to follow the Keski Libraries' rules and regulations. Click this linkto see the Library Rules.

Keski Libraries on the map

  • 1 Jyväskylä City Library
  • 2 Hankasalmi Public Library
  • 3 Joutsa Public Library
  • 4 Jämsä Public Library
  • 5 Kannonkoski Public Library
  • 6 Karstula Public Library
  • 7 Keuruu Public Library
  • 8 Kinnula Public Library
  • 9 Kivijärvi Public Library
  • 10 Konnevesi Public Library
  • 11 Kuhmoinen Public Library
  • 12 Kyyjärvi Public Library
  • 13 Laukaa Public Library
  • 14 Luhanka Public Library
  • 15 Multia Public Library
  • 16 Muurame Public Library
  • 17 Petäjävesi Public Library
  • 18 Saarijärvi Public Library
  • 19 Toivakka Public Library
  • 20 Uurainen Public Library
  • 21 Wiitaunioni Regional Library (Viitasaari & Pihtipudas)
  • 22 Äänekoski Public Library
Keski-libraries on a map